I needed these reminders badly today , the sudden removal of estrogen after taking it more than 20 years has reduced me to, shall we say (with total disregard for my dislike of the word in general due to my ever present pride of female sisterhood) a bitch lately .

I’ve been swinging very Jekyll and Hyde-ish from bitchy old lady to laughing to depressed weeping lunatic for some time now and I really needed to be reminded to return to being more understanding and patient, before I have run off every person close to me. Thank you.

I’ve been going through a phase a few years now of uncharacteristically pulling back from socializing or getting out much. In about three years too many people I loved passed away and I found myself slammed down by it all, feeling certain I could not go through one more round of deep sorrow like that again or I’d go nuts. It’s important to give yourself time to release the pain we go through, to grow however it may push us to grow and accept that some time alone may be what out injured hearts need to get ready to love again and that we will come out of it when we are ready.

(Of course no one should go in a room for 6 months and not eat, after a week or 3 of that it would be time to seek a dr. out and talk about what’s going on and all your symptoms). But in our society there’s a tendency to rush from one hurt to another , one relationship to another thinking it will make us feel better. It may for a short time but it’s not a very good bandage for your wounds and it will fall off… the real healing you need time to do won’t be shortchanged so give yourself the patience you would give someone else when healing.

If my life’s not a smooth flight, maybe life wants me to focus on tuning out the turbulence. Spread your light .((Evidently I’ve got a thing or two to say…)

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