I WEEP for My Nation, No More Please !

We are nine days before an election where millions of Americans face making a life and death decision that will irretrievably alter this country’s path for decades. There’s nothing hyperbolic about that statement ; all of 2020 has magnified how hugely our individual decisions can effect our lives.

We’ve each made hundreds of decisions every week that impacted our family’s safety throughout this raging pandemic, while we’ve witnessed previously unimaginable scenes play out across the nation, such as the huge refrigerated trucks lined up outside New York city hospitals to hold the hundreds of daily victims dying there a few months ago. One man’s decisions are doing untold damage to the whole country, wreaking havoc on us all, causing thousands to die prematurely and unnecessarily. We’ve watched over 100,000 businesses close down while 45 million became unemployed within a month or so. We are headed towards an economic disaster like we’ve never seen, undoubtedly the damage will be felt by us all for decades to come.

Thousands are now on a path, through NO FAULT OF THEIR OWN, that will end with losing the homes they’d worked hard for. Every one of them had to work hard get to the point they could qualify for a mortgage and then come up with the required down payment. My heart goes out to them, how will they hold up through such horribly disheartening disappointments and losses?

Depression and anxiety are now at an all time high, no doubt that trend will continue right on into 2021…

To think, this is just the beginning of the toll that one man’s selfish, greedy, immature, appalling behavior and decisions are going to heap on the shoulders of the most vulnerable ones among us, those much like myself, who are elderly, in bad health and have no such thing as a savings account, stock portfolio to fall back on in difficult times or health care insurance.

One devious old white man who was raised in a financially fortunate, (through his father’s ethically questionable business practices) yet emotionally bankrupt family and environment now runs our nation’s government. Daily he fully demonstrates his total inability and outright refusal to grow up or ever consider anyone’s feelings or problems, aside from his own self created ones. This one man child is causing 331 million citizens of every age, gender identity, skin color and ethnic background to face situations and realities of life that most of us had thought to be outlandish impossibilities a year or two ago.

No one has been spared being negatively impacted by his childish behavior and lack of ability to absorb and remember information he was taught during his education when it comes to how our government is to be legally run and what is the difference between having and not having integrity, save for the only ones whose opinions he apparently values, those being the billionaires he caters to and gave evidence of that devotion in the huge tax breaks they were so generously given early on in his four year term, (nevermind what essentials for life those tax breaks for the million and billionaires he loves cost the average citizen. We didn’t need clean water, clean air, or for our houses and cities to be above sea level did we ? No one needs their homes to exist minus regularly occurring statewide fires that will result now from all of his hard work to undo the environmental laws and the progress that had been made prior to 2017. Nope, oil tycoons needed more money. Heck we didn’t need to live anyway, did we? (Thanks a lot, DJT and the GOP).

Isn’t it a wonder how the Senate Republicans were able to dig in deep and work hard enough, care enough about passing that legislation so that they could get it done so insanely quickly ? At the same time, they just could not find the time nor find it in their hearts to even hear about the hundreds of bills sitting blocked by Mitch McConnell, bill, laws that actually do address pressing needs the hole nation has such as ;

a) Bans or restrictions on Assault rifles (those that rapidly fire large numbers of bullets in rapid succession making one lone gunman far more lethal and hard to disarm in case of ‘crazy’ breaking out).

b) Gun Control ; maybe adding more refinement to the laws to curtail the selling of weapons to those who should not have them.

c) Restrictions on big pharma’s latest slap to America’s face, gaining patents on medicines then blowing the price up for no reason, gouging those who must have the medicine to live.

Or d) Maybe they could work on passing some laws to stop the Health Insurance Conglomerates, who take in billions of dollars in profit every year, from setting premiums at ridiculously high rates. They’ve done this increasingly since 2014, not because they’re under financial pressures to do so, but simply because they want to cause Obamacare (aka; the Affordable Care Act) to fail and be undone. Why? Because under it they have to cover people with pre-existing health conditions and that one fact has caused them to lose a small percentage of the huge profits they’d been raking in for decades, without any attempts by our government to stop them and help the millions of Americans our Congressmen are supposed to care about and be fighting for. But I guess when those same Americans have already given those Congressmen (and women) a full lifetime’s worth of Health Insurance, that takes care of them and their husbands or wives for the rest of their lives, then it doesn’t concern them much that thousands of their countrymen (and women) are out here slowly, painfully, cruelly dying, from treatable, repairable, often even curable health conditions and diseases, all for a lack of any medical care right here in this great nation (this nation made up of we the citizens, whom these “lawmakers”(who make no laws except to benefit themselves) were elected to represent as the ones who are SUPPOSED to be seeing to it that the citizen’s needs are met and addressed. We live in a country that has arguably the best medical care in the world, but we may only get that care IF we have the money to pay outrageous fees for it, so the poor don’t get the medical care that could have saved their lives far too often and they’ll have years, decades of a terrible quality of life while they are dying slowly from treatable medical issues. Unless you have a lot of money you will not get the best doctors and specialists, and you will not receive help to live the best quality of life possible for however much time you have left to live even once you know you are dying.Money has corrupted every facet of life today so that millions regularly face neglect and cruelty medically on a massive scale and no one is saying anything.Next they’ll just put people to death at 60, to save money on medical care. Think it is impossible? We’ll see soon enough…

The bills and laws we all need so badly, the ones that would actually help the majority of WE the people, the 331 million citizens who live here struggling by on lesser means every week, well all those bills and laws just sit idle. No time to hear about those, Mitch McConnell says, smirking with glee as he lies through his devilish, deceitful, selfish eyes, when he knows that WE all KNOW he is the one who purposely sees to it that all that legislation is blocked by him, buried in virtual death right in plain sight he does this, serving the huge corporations who are his real bosses, who are continually allowed to use their highly overpaid lobbyists to bribe Congressmen with all their highly suspicious money, or to pressure, blackmail and bribe any votes to go the way they want them to go. Now those corporations have their little helper Mitch, for years now,with him controlling the Senate, now THEY control the Senate and if anything is ever brought to the Senate floor at all, if there is ever any vote held at all on any subject. Corporations have been allowed to run the government.

All this done for no reason other than the love of money, the millions of shady dollars being exchanged in D.C., all cleverly concealed in complicated schemes they use to mask and launder all the income they get from corporations via their bribery. All of it is aided and abetted by crooked Mitch McConnell, Lindsay Graham, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Jim Jordan, Devon Nunez, Matt Gaetz and so many others. If a Senator does manage to have some integrity and they dare to try to bring it to bear upon anything for the citizen’s benefit, if they are on the Republican side of the Senate, they are quickly run out of the GOP.

Thousands of lives have been lost in most every age group for over 8 months now, with no let up in sight. Still there’s no plan, no coherent guidelines for all, no contact tracing systems set up, no easily available testing or timely results once tested. Now, as a final kick to America’s collective teeth, Trump is actively busy trying to RUIN and DESTROY our Postal Service’s systems just so he can cheat more in the November 2020 election by intercepting thousands or millions of votes and or slowing down thousands of Democrat votes, to make them not arrive in time to be counted. AND he is doing his utter best to destroy all faith in our election systems, even though he had plenty of faith in them when he won in 2016….hmmmm, can this be because he already knows he can’t win if he doesn’t cheat or stack the deck in his favor? Why else would you purposely unplug sorting machines at Post Offices around the country and take down mail collection boxes ?

We mourned the over 3,000 lives lost on 9/11/2001, for years and we still mourn and honor them every 9/11. Most of us can tell you exactly where we were when that inhumane attack happened in America, when hundreds of innocent civilians died instantly when the 2nd jet full of passengers came screeching out of the sky on live national television, slamming into the 2nd World Trade Tower building and immediately erupting into a ball of flames. We watched in horror and cried with New Yorkers that day as it hit us that SO MANY of our countrymen had just died in front of our shocked eyes and that SO MANY were having to make the impossible decision between burning to death or leaping out of 100 story high windows. WE cried for those who had to make such unimaginable decisions, the human tragedy of it all, to each family’s lives. WE applauded the uncommon strength and courage, heroism, selflessness that so many exhibited in so many dire moments, all the stories heard afterward that these people went through that day. How horribly sad to think of the moments individuals realized that rescue would not come in time, for them, that the flames, the rubble or the jets themselves would not give them that time.They would not get to say their goodbyes…. I cry every time it crosses my mind. I will never forget it as long as I live.

We were still glued to those screens when the 1st, then 2nd huge tower building fell. We who lived through that day, now forever divide our lives between the “pre 9/11 nation we lived in, versus the post 9/11” reality because so much changed. Yet, we did not oliticizev that event and drive a wedge between Americans to gain some election, some advantage, no, we united.

Our misplaced faith in the ability of our national defense systems to protect us was forever shattered. In the coming months and years after 9/11/ 2001 we learned about so many oversights and tactical errors that had been made by those responsible to be ready for such a terrible thing to ever possibly occur. Life here changed forever.

In our united shock, terror and furor, we then added grievous insult to our own collective injury by allowing our government to enact the “Patriot Act”, which would then give them an ‘in’ to seriously invade our privacy and our rights in the two decades after it’s inception. We trusted our government when it declared war on two nations in response to the 9/11 terrorist attack, mostly because THEY were telling us who was responsible AND that this is what had to be done to shut down those who had attacked us along with the governments who had supported those who planned 9/11. ones. We believed that they must have had proof and knew things they could not tell the public, yet. Much later we discovered there was very little reason to go marching into the first nation at all, we’d been gas lighted, flooded with our government’s own propaganda campaign, likewise with the second nation. They used our vulnerability during our national trauma to slyly gain more power to clandestinely invade our privacy, then they never gave us our privacy back, as of yet. We fell right for it.

We learned there were NO reliable communications systems in place, on 9/11, no protocols exercised and finely tuned, sitting at the ready to be used for Air Traffic Controllers to notify the Air Force immediately (in the unlikely event they’d need the Air Force to intercept a wayward jet or jets to stop it or them from being used as megaton cruise missiles.) Seems to me like that would’ve been a very important channel of communication to have already in place, one that had been practiced and used in joint exercises, regularly. Someone dropped that ball. Some certain some ones who should have known better.

Then we discovered that all the hijackers had to do, basically, to turn off a passenger jet plane’s transponder was to flip a very accessible switch in the cockpit, back then. The transponder shows radar operators where the jet is in the sky, by it’s coordinates so shutting it off could allow an airborne jet to travel across our skies unseen by radar.

WHY would we have EVER given any commercial (meaning non military) pilot the ability to be invisible from radar? This was another, shall we say ‘oversight’ that I found very disturbing. With all the money our government wastes on everything (from Inaugurations to studies costing millions that answer questions like : Why are birds ?) you’d think the subject of a pilot being easily able to turn his jet into an untrackable rogue flying bomb would have been addressed.

Although most of us understood that we ourselves did not have the kind of employment resumes, the backgrounds, expertise, or knowledge of the military and how the various branches communicate and cooperate to work together in a battle, or in their day to day operations, still, it isn’t overstating it to say there’d obviously been some glaring oversights in setting up necessary coordination between all the branches in the case of just such an emergency.

After 9/11, there were many studies done to determine why and how they failed to stop the last planes. The reports verified for us that somewhere, someone, some committee or departments had not seen to it that they were ready and able to respond to such a threat. This despite the trillions of dollars we’d poured into our national defense for decades.

Government failed back then, for the same reasons it is failing us right now, and has been all year; people did not do their jobs to the best of their ability. But one man holds the most responsibility, which he gladly accepted when he put his hand on the Bible on January 20, 2017, and vowed to put the nation and it’s people first and to faithfully carry out such duties, such responsibility, as our President.

The same lack of vision, the inability to foresee the results of one’s own inaction when you are the one in the position of making the vital decisions for a nation (decisions that could save thousands of lives or cause thousands of lives to be lost) found fertile ground in one man in particular. That man also has repeatedly refused to listen to any expert or epidemiologist, any doctor because he honestly believes that he knows more on the subjects (on any subject) than ANY MAN. That one man’s ignorance of his own ignorance is thoughtlessly killing Americans.

Over 8 million have been infected with a virus that has caused varying degrees of damage to their heart and lungs, their recovering bodies.Their lives will never be the same, these survivors who’ve managed to beat the virus.

Many high up in our government have failed to do their jobs to protect the people the best they could, but that one man seems to take pride in the insane way they’ve failed and conned us. One seems to delight in causing craziness, shifting the blame and projecting his own insecurities and fears onto everyone around him. That man is supposed to lead his administration’s efforts to battle this pandemic….but he has NO plan, and no one around him can speak any truth to him without being attacked publicly, fired, lied about and then targeted for violence and threats from Trump’s own fans, who will gladly tell you how much they think they are a “peaceable law abiding lot”. My, oh my, how they do lie to themselves.

A lack of forethought and planning by our brightest, best military minds at the time, along with the failure to implement wisely designed systems to solve the many possible crisis scenarios that could occur (such as having methods in place to quickly, precisely shut errant planes down in the event of an emergency need to do so) caused so much more death in 2001. They were not ready.

Likewise now we see the same type of failures and missed opportunities to act throughout this pandemic, which have also made it so much worse than it had to be. The failure to take the threat of pandemic that Covid19 presented as seriously as Trump was told to take it by every expert he talked to in his own administration, meant then that his failure to implement all or some of the various proven methods our government COULD have used to quickly, effectively contain the virus resulted in it becoming a pandemic here. It did not have to. We could have been emerging from this months ago. We could have all been acting in unison for the best possible outcome, instead of him lying to all the people saying the virus would “go away like the flu does, in April (2020) when it warms up”. He knew that was a lie when he said it.

From the very first cases, they should have set up contact tracing units to do that for every positive case, from the first 15 cases. Then anyone who’d had contact and anyone testing positive should’ve been quarantined for at least two weeks. Mandatory mask wearing orders should’ve been ordered nationwide along with social distancing guidelines for everyone to follow. All large gatherings should’ve been shut down, postponed, cancelled immediately, as early as February or March, as well all air travel shut down in and out of the U.S. for at least a month, until we knew we had contained it’s spread effectively.

Tests should have been purchased in bulk orders from the time the first 15 cases were found, but our lame Potus thought positive test numbers might cost him the election. How evil could one man be? You put your stocks and your reelection hopes ahead of 331 million lives !!?? WE see you, you know?

In other words; if he would have done the right things to do (to save lives) instead of looking to see what opinion his fans had on matters, then choosing to do what they wanted him to do and say, because he cared more about his tv ratings than he cared about saving lives, we would not be going through hell now and facing seeing this all play out again and again for the foreseeable future.

Shutting down China’s travel into our country, although a useful move, was not nearly enough of a travel ban when you were trying to stop a pandemic from killing off your countrymen. All travel should’ve been shut down, earlier. The virus was already worldwide when China alone was chosen to cut travel off with.

A failure to show courage and act to solve the immediate problems as far back as February and March 2020, or to just jump in and HELP get the necessary supplies for the whole nation (as soon he was advised of the looming shortages that were going to endanger or kill people) when he had the power (and he alone had the power)to fix that. He had the power to order that masks and ventilators be manufactured by any number of U.S. companies, and not to do that for nearly a year was an unbelievable failure and a stubborn, senseless refusal to act to save lives, doctors and nurses and emt’s lives needed medical grade masks and he could have cared about their lives but not even them did he care about enough to get up and do what many state’s Governors were literally begging him to do, while thousands died every day ! It is such an incalculable injury he has done to all of us, but to those families who lost loved ones, to those whose bodies have been ravaged by the virus, there are no words adequate to describe the depth of terrible tragedy that man has caused to millions of lives !!

To think, he should NEVER have been allowed to run in the first place, by any political party. The GOP knew the type of soulless monster they were backing, they knew how much of a danger he was to the whole country. They all told us the truth about the con man, the pathological liar Trump, the reality t.v.star who had repeatedly failed in business, with 6 bankruptcies under his belt, who would not show his tax returns and was caught on tape talking about women (young women) like they were cattle or trash …. until the day he won the nomination. Then they fell in behind him and lied their asses off or acted like they “hadn’t heard” with each progressively disturbing, unethical, rude, hateful, racist, chauvinistic, insanely worse thing Trump said or did.

9/11 led to our government drafting up The Patriot Act, which then sailed through to be made into law, under the half disguised reasoning that our government needed more freedom to monitor those in the U.S. who might be engaged in planning terrorist acts.

Now we know, via Edward Snowden (THANK YOU MR. SNOWDEN FOR BEING A TRUE PATRIOT TO YOUR NATION. Some of us will always remember and speak the truth about what you did for us, that cost you your own freedom.) that after this was passed into law, it was used and abused to invade some citizen’s privacy in known and (as yet) unknown ways. We may never regain control of our own phones again. Our safety is no longer a thing we can believe in. We live in a state of barely acknowledged, yet ever present, fear, these days because those with the responsibility to do so did not adequately do their jobs back then, before 9/11. Now America is suffering once again due to the failure of it’s people in charge, failure to take their jobs seriously.

Back then, we did not turn on each other or make 9/11 a partisan issue. We did not ask what political group you affiliated yourself with before a helping hand was extended. Democrats and Republicans generally blamed the attackers, not the attacked.

Now our President says “We’ve turned a corner”, and he says “We’re learning to live with it.”. Wow. Just wow how clueless can one man be?

He may have turned a corner fighting this virus and he may be learning to live with it. He gets the best medical care the U.S. has to offer, free, and WE pay for it. He gets a private, ever at the ready, on the premises, professionally piloted 24/7 helicopter ride to a nearby hospital, which happens to be one of the best in the country.

Too damn many of the citizens have died in ambulances with overworked EMT’S, in systems overwhelmed by too many calls, too quickly coming in, 24/7 for weeks on end, as they were trying to get to a hospital. So many died at home waiting on an ambulance to become available in some cities, to rush them to a hospital. Trump does not have that problem.

We’re all so very glad we could pay for your helicopter ride, your great doctors and your special experimental drug regimen Trump. But it’s disgusting you could not care about thousands of Americans (even your own followers) getting the treatment they needed, or about getting the doctors and nurses (who worked without appropriate protective gear in swamped ICU’s for months on end) the proper protective equipment for their high risk, unselfish jobs they were heroically doing every day while you ranted at Press Conferences and golfed.

Nope, you were too busy holding press conferences, then checking your “ratings” for them (his word not mine) and telling everyone what a terrific, amazing, tremendous job you and your team HAD ALREADY DONE. You were busy holding rallies that were actually just your play dates your aides planned for you so you could rant uninterrupted at someone, anyone, for a few hours and spill all your poison into the world. I imagine it was either that or the aides had to listen to you themselves all day, every day, which could test anyone’s sanity.

You held “Super Spreader” events, as they came to be known, wherein 99% were not wearing masks, and you stood up there making fun of anyone who took the virus seriously, at the next breath blaming China, fake news and anyone you hated really, for what was happening. When most of the responsibility for us in this nation was ON YOU.

You were busy firing any MEDICAL HEALTH EXPERT in your government who would not parrot your lies about covid19. You were so busy that over 250,000 died and yet you told us how “awesome” you were because you’d “contained the virus”.

No one else got those expensive, experimental drugs Trump got. By the time we’ve found out we are positive it’s likely to be far too late because HE, Donald J. Trump, all by himself, decided to pull ALL the Federal funding from the testing sites, because, and I quote Trump here : “the number of cases makes me look bad”.

We who have no health insurance won’t go to a hospital or try to find a way to get tested, unless we think we are dying, because we can’t afford a regular doctor visit much less an emergency room visit. He may be fine living with this, but all HE cares about is gaining money. Children have missed school for months, for the first time ever, under his watch. Christmas and Thanksgiving are a huge question mark, that has never happened before…

and he has the nerve to say “we’re” (I’m??) learning to live with it?” as thousands of loved ones die in one day every day??

The power we’ve placed in the hands of the ones we elect to make all the important decisions that someone must make for the nation, must be placed in capable, intelligent hands that are attached to brains wise enough to know they can not possibly know everything. They must be wise enough to listen to facts and truth and be willing to confront their 70 year old beliefs and change them when proof is shown to them that they are wrong about something.

This is not rocket science, if we choose a selfish man, we do not get taken proper care of because his own ego will always be more important to him.

Money is all he has ever had that made him feel powerful, in control, the only way he has gotten his way all his life. He worships it. He cares not what any religion believes, he goes by his own feelings that day.

Those clinging to his horribleness because you believe he will one day get abortion overturned are overlooking the fact that he could care less about the babies that were alive in January 2020 who are no longer alive right now because his refusal to take his responsibilities seriously caused them to die….from his foolishness, when they did not have to.

He has no comfort or kind words or even enough self awareness to say anything to all the grieving children living right now who have lost one or two parents to this virus. He could care less about the hundreds of toddlers,babies, teens (hundreds of them !!) who were yanked out of their parents arms and put in CAGES, for weeks, months with many shipped out in planes across this country to foster families who haven’t seen their Mommy or Daddy in nearly a year now, maybe more, because his administration lost track of their real parents and now that a courts have ruled it was not legal to do this to those who came to our borders seeking ASYLUM, they’ve realized they can’t return them to their parents because they don’t know where they are !! These soulless ghouls, including the designer of this atrocious disgusting cod hearted plan, Stephen Miller (the Dracula of Trump World) ordered that these babies be taken from their parents and SOMEHOW are so inept, disorganized and moronic that they don’t know how to find their parents !! Jesus !!~

Do you really think he cares if women have abortions? How sadly mistaken you are if you do. He will pull his usual bait and switch and never deliver on getting them outlawed. He never intended to. He is using something he knows the right wants so badly to get them to look the other way while he does all this other evil horrible and illegal stuff, to make himself rich at the expense of destroying the entire nation.

Ask everyone who he ever reeled in with false promises (then turned on in a moment because they did or said even one thing that wasn’t sucking up to him) how he will screw all of you in the end after you’ve let him destroy the entire country.

Ask “the Mooch” (Anthony Scaramucci), Sean Spicer, Omarosa, General Kelley, Kelly Anne Conway, Michael Cohen, any of the Trump family members (when they feel sure you’re not recording their answers to you).

Don’t give up your souls to a soulless man thinking you will be addressing something you feel is a bigger evil, because:

#1) Look at him, he doesn’t care about the pain he is bringing each day to babies living now…think about it, would he give damn about the future unborn?

#2 He is a con man, liar, thief and you must truly look into what your heart tells you about him.

Ask yourself; would you let him watch your toddler for a day? I seriously wouldn’t. So why allow him to be the one who is supposed to keep us all safe?

I’m ashamed of this man. I will always be ashamed he made it to the White House, and forever be ashamed of the G.O.P.’s leadership who allowed him to run in the first place because they knew he did not have the moral fiber, integrity or minimum intellectual ability any candidate for President should have.

I will also be forever proud of everyone who has stood up and called him out, ever. We all owe a special thank you to all the show hosts who never let up calling out Trump, his family and all his crooked sidekicks. Hosts such as Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, John Oliver, Trevor Noah, and so many in the media and press such as Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon deserve some kind of medal for never letting up on all of them and helping us endure the daily barrage of insanity we’ve been pummeled with for roughly 1,400 days and nights.

To Twitter : I’d like to say THANK YOU for FINALLY tagging all his lies with notices that say they are lies, but I also have to say, WHY’D you wait SO LONG to start doing that? Why has his account NOT been deleted? If I got on there lying nearly every single day I feel sure Twitter would delete my account. Twitter would shut down anyone else’s account if they kept posting and retweeting proven lies and intentionally trying to instill fear and hatred in their followers or if they were constantly trying to stir up violence toward any individual or group, or if they were trying to destroy Democracy by planting seeds of doubt and mistrust in our elections using false assertions that they KNEW were lies.

Did Trump’s evident willingness to abuse the power of the Presidency (powers we entrusted him with expecting him to use such power respectably, lawfully and NOT as his own hit squad hammer to slam down on the head of anyone who doesn’t praise him) and to buck all traditionally held standards and norms of decent behavior, his behaviors he’s clearly demonstrated to us all so many times that I’ve lost count of all his infractions (such as the firing of Weather Center professional personnel for daring to correct Trump’s false predictions in regards to a hurricane hitting Alabama) scare all of Twitter’s management/owners into being too afraid to delete his account ? There’s no telling what evil payback he would’ve conjured up for such a public hand slapping as that. I can understand your reluctance to cross the snake but hey, you are rich enough, do you think for your country you could have sat down, calculated what he was doing to us and went ahead and socked it to him ?? Just giving you food for thought in case we need you to step up ever again, like in 2021…2022, 2024…

Lastly ; I want to say, we CAN turn around from this kind of government and do something different, build back up and create something better. Let’s please all agree it’s high time we all get a touch of humility towards each other and summon up a modicum of good will for each other and work on meeting in the middle. Remember who we have been, how many died for Americans to get the opportunities we do have now, the freedom that people everywhere did not have, and build a country where everyone actually is treated equally regardless of skin color, language they speak, religion they choose, political party they join, their gender identity, age, financial standing or level of fame. Let us remember that all of our most important values and goals are shared in common; life, liberty, pursuit of happiness. Let us remember to have your own freedom to choose all things, you must grant like freedom to everyone else without persecuting or making villains out of them. Please, for the sake of our children and their children, let’s not flush what is good here down the toilet.

ps (I realize I said many harsh things about Trump and others associated with him, and I know others have said a lot of harsh things about a lot of public figures on the left as well, but I’ll be first to agree to shut up and not be a critical wench again, and if I can change I know all of you can to. So, hey, join me and let’s start a better way of relating to each other.)



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Kathleen Collins Hussey

A Southern porch Kat (on it’s 9th life) is my ‘spirit animal’ (unless I missed 1). OCD(ish) Mom of 4, writing 51 weird yrs for my sanity or insanity (or both).